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Species: Teratoma
Age: 45 (Ancient for a Teratoma)
Parasites: Tapeworms.
- (Mostly) Patient, quite a bit lazy.

- Avoids violence when possible (old and lazy), but enjoys playful sparring.

- Was adopted and raised by Cysts for a short while, but eventually abandoned. A growing Teratoma's increasingly insatiable appetite and bad temper turned out to be a bit much for a Cyst family (and community) to deal with.

- Enjoys the presence of Cysts and their odd rituals, doesn't like it when they burn things down though.

- Expresses empathy and thoughtfulness not common amongst Teratomas, likely behavior picked up from being raised by Cysts. Can understand some Cyst speech and gestures.

- When not hunting, ideally they spend most of their day sleeping or staring out into the void or at funny bugs scurrying around....but usually they're dealing with Scab's habit of starting bullshit, which Tumor is guilty of sometimes encouraging.

- Prior to meeting Scab, Tumor was just waiting around for death (natural death, or death through combat, not suicide.) Now everyday is a weird little adventure, life is somewhat interesting again.

- Allergic to bee stings.

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