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!!! This website contains mature content such as: gore, nudity, alcohol, and drugs/smoking. Proceed at your own discretion. !!!

[ Welcome ]

Welcome to the Mirumundi Project page.

Here you will find information regarding the world of Mirumundi and the lifeforms that inhabit it.

None of the content here is permanent, I am constantly changing and adding things to Mirumundi.

Project Information:

Project Started: 2012

Project Goal: None.
Mirumundi is a fantasy world that I use as a subject for some of my artwork. It is meant to be a fun world for me to explore and develop. I have no serious goals for Mirumundi.

[ Updates ]

[ September 18th, 2023 ]

The World page has been updated.

[ June 20th, 2023 ]

New image added to the artwork page.

[ September 7th, 2022 ]

The beginnings of the Wizards page has been uploaded, it can be found at the magicians page.
It is a work-in-progress, the page will be updated and improved over time.

[ May 23rd, 2022 ]

Some magician info has been added to the magicians page.
A new image has been added to the artwork page.
HTML / CSS updates.

[ March 18th, 2022 ]

More images added to the artwork page.

[ February 26th, 2022 ]

More images added to the artwork page.

[ February 25th, 2022 ]

Mirumundi Project page added. This section is still a heavy work-in-progress, most pages are empty or lack much content. Updates will be coming soon-ish, this is a project I've been working on for years, so there is a lot of information to organize and make presentable.