Magicians are a species of magical creatures that have characteristics of molluscs, amphibians, and batoids. There are multiple varieties of magicians, the differences between them being how magic affects their bodies and abilities.

Shown above is an image of an unraveled magician, likely a dragon and wizard mix. When a magician is unraveled, their body is in a state where its form and functions are not modified by magic. Magicians have four major body sections: the crown, core, pelvis, and tail. Descriptions for them are below.

Crown – A sensory appendage at the end of the core opposite of the tail and pelvis. There are many shapes the crown can have, such as a spade or shovel, a cluster of tentacles, a trunk-like shape (like an elephant’s trunk), or an arm-like limb with a hand-like structure at its end. Crowns can also have a mix of features, such as a spade with whisker-like tentacles emerging from its edge.

Core – The magician’s torso. Most organs are located within. Limbs and tentacles grow from here.

Pelvis – The butt. Connects the core to the tail.

Tail – Used for swimming, balance, and occasionally self-defense.

More magician information will be added soon-ish.