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Welcome to the FOCI://HELLBENDER:666 project page.
Nothing here is permanent, FOCI://HELLBENDER:666 is always changing.

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Project Information:

Project Started: 2016

Project Goal: A place to dump any human/human-like characters I create and find amusing enough to draw multiple times.

It's an aimless project with no goals.

The name Hellbender was chosen because it's the common name for Cryptobranchus alleganiensis, a species of giant salamander. I am not creative with names.
FOCI://HELLBENDER:666 is the URL of a fictional social network website that's popular with magical beings within the Hellbender world.

[ May 8th, 2022 ]

New images have been added to the Artwork page.

[ May 4th, 2022 ]

FOCI://HELLBENDER:666 page uploaded. Like the other project pages this is a work-in-progress.