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Welcome to Xzy's Creatures archive.

This is an archive of custom content for the Creatures series of games.

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[ July 10th, 2023 ]

Downloads are now hosted through the website. Dropbox links are still available through the Blogspot mirror.

[ June 20th, 2023 ]

Guides section added to the Misc page.

[ February 5th, 2023 ]

A new image has been added to the Fanart page.
A Negg Basket has been added to the DS Agents page.

[ December 14th, 2022 ]

A Toy Honker has been added to the DS Agents page.

[ November 9th, 2022 ]

Clip art graphics and some cursors have been added to the graphics page.

[ October 10th, 2022 ]

RSS added.

[ September 12th, 2022 ]

A Fanart page has been added to the Misc section.

[ July 20th, 2022 ]

A new DS Agent, the Shrimp Plate, has been added to the DS Agents page.

[ April 30th, 2022 ]

HTML and CSS updated.
A new Graphics page can be found at the new Misc section.
The Links page has been updated.

[ February 19th, 2022 ]

Embryo in a Jar egg sprite overwrite has been added to the new DS Misc Mods page.