[ Sprite Overwrites ]

NOTE: Remember to backup the original sprite files before using overwrites.

[ Embryo in a Jar Egg Sprite Overwrites ]

Overwrites the default egg sprites with embryos in jars. Grendel and Ettin egg overwrites included.


[ Installation ]

Creatures 3 / Docking Station:

.AGENT files go in the My Agents folder.

.CATALOGUE files go in the Catalogue folder.

.WAV files go in the Sounds folder.

.C16 files go in the Images folder

.COS files go in the Bootstrap folder (usually 010 Docking Station).

.GEN files go in the Genetics folder.

.CREATURE files go in the My Creatures folder.

[ Regarding the Use of my Mods ]

Feel free to reuse and modify CAOS code from my files, just dont reuse/edit my graphics/.c16/.s16/.spr files.

You may modify my mods for personal use only.

Do not reupload my mods, including modified versions of my mods.

You may backup my mods to a private archive (EX: Dropbox).