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This is an archive of custom toys, breeds, and playscenes for Petz 4 and 5.

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Content Warning:

This website contains mature content such as: gore, nudity, alcohol, and drugs/smoking. Proceed at your own discretion.


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Petz Breeds:
New petz breeds are installed into Petz (4 / 5)/Resource/Catz or Petz (4 / 5)/Resource/Dogz depending on species.
.cat breeds go into the Catz folder and .dog breeds go into the Dogz folder.
Copy the breed file and any textures and sounds into the appropriate folder. Some breeds may come with a unibreed file, use only one. Unibreeds are meant to work with Petz 3, 4, and 5.

Playscenes are .env files, install them into Petz (4 / 5)/Resource/Area

Toys are .toy files, install them to Petz (4 / 5)/Resource/Toyz
For Petz 5, you will need to use a program called Tinker (by Sherlock Software) in order to put the new toys into your carrying case.

Regarding the Use of My Mods:

- Do not reupload my files, even if they are modified or are copies/mimics of my files.
- Do not direct link to my files, link to the download page instead.
- You may modify my petz files for your own personal use.
- an example: changing the breed ID to avoid conflicts.
- Do not share modified versions of my files.
- You may examine the code of my files for reference reasons. Please do not copy my code.
- You may adopt out petz that use my breed files, but do not redistribute my files with the petz. Link to the download page instead.
- You may backup my petz files to your own private archive (example: private dropbox).

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