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Species: Teratoma
Age: 29 (close to end-of-life age for a Teratoma)
Parasites: Assorted gut worms, mites.
- Does what they want, regardless of how it affects who and what is around them.

- Loves a fight. Greets strangers with antagonism confused for confidence.

- A rough life has rendered them uncomfortable with showing signs of supposed "weakness."

- Remembers negative life moments forever, easily forgets the positive ones.

- An ineffective hunter due to impatience and reckless behavior.

- Finds large bodies of water to be mesmerizing and the worlds they hold to be even more so.

- Does not like Cysts, at all. Associates them with fire and destruction. If Tumor isn't around to keep Scab calm during an encounter, then Cysts are snacks.

- The venom in their tail is only potent if they've recently eaten bees.

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