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Welcome to Xzy's Flight Rising Page.
Flight Rising is an online web-based game developed by Stormlight Workshop where players collect and breed dragons of various shapes, colors, and patterns. These dragons can be dressed in silly outfits or trained to battle in the Coliseum to earn trinkets, treasure, and materials that can be used to craft or trade for valuable items. The game offers various activities for players, such as mini-games, item collecting, and monthly events. Players choose an elemental Flight for their clan to serve when they register, each Flight is governed by a deity. These Flights compete for Dominance by exalting dragons to serve their deity. Results are tallied each Saturday, with the top three Flights earning various bonuses until the next results are tallied.

This webpage acts as a place to record my game progress and for storing the artwork I occasionally create featuring these dragons.

[ Updates ]

[ December 5th, 2022 ]

Flight Rising Page uploaded.