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Wizards are a variant of Magician characterized by their (limited) ability to guide the magic within their bodies, allowing them to shape-shift to change their silhouette and bond to objects to manipulate them. This ability to guide their magic plays an important role within the various Wizard cultures of Mirumundi, and has been the inspiration for myths and legends within the cultures of the other Magicians.

Wizard Magic

While most wizards develop the ability to guide their magic once they near adulthood, their effectiveness to guide magic can vary, and some may not develop the ability to guide magic at all. Wizards’ ability to guide magic is a mix of skill and genetics. Genes allow the guiding of magic to a varying degree, while skill dictates the effectiveness of the allowed guiding.
Guiding magic allows wizards to somewhat modify themselves (shape-shifting) and what they touch (bonding), this has many practical applications within their day-to-day lives:

- Bonding can allow some wizards to “see” into objects, almost like an ultrasound. Wizards practicing medicine use this often when examining patients or performing surgeries.
- Skilled ceramicists use bonding while working with clay to manipulate it to reduce their reliance on tools and to speed up their process.
- Dancers shape-shift to enhance the shapes and movements they create.
- Hunters use their abilities in a manner similar to cephalopods to blend into the surrounding environment.

While this ability to guide magic has its perks, it is generally seen by Wizards as a responsibility rather a neat thing to show off. Magic guiding does much to improve their lives but it can be a source of harm as well. Wizard cultures have strict rules regarding the use of magic, and encourage the use of magic as a tool to improve the lives of the community rather than the individual.

Masks and Foci

Masks and foci are objects used as an extension of a Wizard’s identity. The origins of the use of masks and foci varies between wizard cultures. Masks are objects formed from various materials (usually wood) into the shape of a face, common styles vary by region. Wizards bond to their masks, allowing them to manipulate it like a face. Foci are various objects, such as a stone, carved statuette, or potted plant, that a wizard may identify with in some way, carrying it around and using it as their focus.

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