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[ What do you use to create your paintings and drawings? ]

Most of my drawings and paintings are digital, created using computer software.
I use the following software: Clip Studio Paint, GIMP, Krita, Aseprite, and Procreate (iPad drawing app). When drawing with Clip Studio Paint, I frequently use modified default brushes as well as brushes from sets created by Frenden and Paolo Limoncelli.

Occasionally I will create paintings using traditional materials. Here is a list of materials I use:
Ink (Winsor and Newton), Watercolors (various brands), Soft Body Acrylic Paint (Liquitex), Ballpoint Pen, Mod Podge, and a 0.3mm Mechanical Pencil.

[ What software do you use for 3D modeling? ]

I use the following software for 3D modeling: Blender, 3D-Coat, ZBrush, Sculptris, Nomad (iPad sculpting app), and xNormal.

[ How do you get that dithering effect in some of your images? ]

The dithering is a product of indexing the image’s colors with a web-safe color palette to reduce the file size. I usually use GIMP for this, but Aseprite can also index the color of images and has more dithering effects.

[ May I create a character based on a species/character from one of your projects? ]

I am not comfortable with others creating characters based on my work, I am sorry.

[ Do you sell adoptable character designs? ]

I do not sell adoptable character designs.

[ Can I use an image of yours as an icon/avatar? ]

I am not comfortable with my art being reposted. However, clients who have commissioned me may use the art I created for them as an avatar.

[ Can I use an image of yours for a tattoo? ]

I’m not okay with my art being used for tattoos. However, clients who have commissioned me may use the art I created for them as reference for a tattoo.

[ Is it okay if I use an image of yours as a wallpaper for my phone/desktop? ]

As long as my art isn’t being reposted or edited, it’s fine to use my art as a personal wallpaper for a phone/desktop.

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