[ C1 COBS ]

Note: Always backup your World.sfc file before using new COBs. A broken or incompatible COB will ruin your world file.

[ Food ]

None yet.

[ Toys ]

[ Toy Octopus ]

A toy octopus for your creatures.

Class ID : 2 14 27


[ Squeaky Pumpkin Toy ]

A conversion of my pumpkin toy for Petz 4 to C1.

Class ID : 2 14 26


[ Sleepy Alien ]

This is a conversion of my DS sleepy alien to C1. It functions mostly the same: it calms fearful creatures and makes them a bit sleepy.

Class ID : 2 14 25


[ Flora & Fauna ]

None yet.

[ Misc ]

[ Smelling Salts Crystal ]

An object to help creatures who have difficulty waking-up on their own. When activated by the hand, it injects nearby creatures with: wake-up pill, energy, tiredness decrease, and glucose.

It won't be effective on all sleepy creatures.

Class ID : 2 8 46


[ Installation ]

Creatures 1:

.COB files go in the games' main folder.

.RCB files go in the games' main folder.

.SPR files go in the Images folder.

.WAV files go in the Sounds folder.

[ Regarding the Use of my Mods ]

Feel free to reuse and modify CAOS code from my files, just dont reuse/edit my graphics/.c16/.s16/.spr files.

You may modify my mods for personal use only.

Do not reupload my mods, including modified versions of my mods.

You may backup my mods to a private archive (EX: Dropbox).